How many children can take part in one day?
This does vary depending on the practitioner available. A class of 30 can have a great time exploring the majority of the activities we have available. On the other hand Kwame with 60 drums is able to see 420 children in one day.

Why Choose African Activities
We are tried and tested providers, providing unique and exciting experiences. African Activities is not your typical workshop provider. We are passionate about raising awareness of Africa and bringing balance and an alternate world views into schools. Run and staffed by Africans we believe in authentic experiences, bring cultural arts within their context.

Which workshop is best for our school?
Our mixed activity days are our most popular, closely followed by drumming workshops. However, as an organisation we are passionate about sharing African cultural arts within schools. Therefore, why not just give us a call, or drop us an email, letting us know your aims and objectives. We are happy to create new experiences as well as sharing what has worked well in similar circumstances in the past.

Our hall is used for lunch
Janet and her team are dedicated to ensure you have the best timetable for your needs. This includes working with your school day and catering staff.

Can the children perform to parents?
Of course! We are happy to work towards a performance but we would like to work with you to ensure we have enough time to get everyone to performance standard! Just let Janet know at the time of timetabling and we can book it all in for you.

How long do we have the practitioner for?
Your practitioner will be with you for 3 hours on a half day and 6 hours on a full day. This does not include set up and loading. It is possible teaching time. Lunch and comfort breaks will be timetabled.

What do we need to provide?
Dance; Children in PE kit please and a space large enough for them to circle without touching with arms outstretched.
Drumming: a circle of chairs or benches for the number of students required
Art: A water supply is useful, but not essential, we bring cloths to cover desks or floors as required.

Can you teach a variety of age groups?
Absolutely. All of our practitioners can tailor the sessions; for example younger children may explore animal sounds and rhythms on the drum using story and technique. Older children may explore complex polyrhythms.

Do we need to pay in advance?
No. You will be invoiced in advance of the event; payment is due on the day of the event after the activity is completed.

How can I fund a workshop for my school?
Here is a sample of a letter sent out to cover the cost of one of our drumming, dance and drama workshops. In this case the school decided to subsidise some of the cost and to ask parents to make up the remainder.