African Activities CIC why?

We share, support and encourage excellence in Black and African culture

Why do we do what we do?

until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

We believe our Black and African cultures have been overlooked, copted and misunderstood. We are driven to share how our cultures have contributed and highlight the many unseen benefits with the widest possible audience. Our choice to center on excellence, strength and pride does not overlook trauma, rather we believe it provides a route to help us overcome it.

We Develop. Investing in the traditional, contemporary and experimental practice of artists in the UK and abroad through employment, training, advocacy and opportunity.

We Include. We work hard to have an inclusive diverse board, leadership and workforce. We offer activities that can be accessible to everyone. We create safe spaces and have zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination. We share our inclusive pre colonial histories. 

We create. We work alongside audiences and artists to remove barriers and enable creativity in safe and supportive spaces.

We collaborate. We are constantly learning in our partnerships with audiences, communities, corporations, Health, education, events and creative professionals.

We Communicate. Reframing and challenging assumptions about Black and African cultures. We share pride and create safe spaces where narratives can be reframed and intercultural exchange, reevaluation and healing can take place.

We Entertain. We share, support, develop and showcase Black and African cultural excellence.

We Decompress. We share and embed West African principles of collective inclusive unity through creative, meditative and focused repetition.  Enabling everyone to be included in a creative process with real improvements in wellness, engagement, productivity, performance and retention.

We Build Community. Our creative processes enable communication and a sense of being part of a collective creative process.  We use music, movement, story and art to create a space of unity and shared creation. Often without the pressure of the spoken or written word. 

We Reparate. In Buipe, Ghana we have built a traditional skills school to support the next generation of creative artists. We are rewilding five acres of slash and burn farmland to protect biodiversity, offset our carbon impact and mitigate against climate change. We are a not for profit community interest company.

We are Pan African. We are passionate to share the wide diversity and wonder of the African continent, it is not a country! But we are as aware that we did not create our own borders and that certainty of origin has been stolen from many in the diaspora. Our staff, board and leadership include descendants of the transatlantic trafficking of enslaved people. We offer reconnection to the traditional arts and remain committed to including and honoring this experience.


Educational establishments as customers across the UK

Passionate, professional and talented African Arts Specialists

Years delivering workshops - tried and tested specialists

Authentic cultural arts forms as standard

All our workshops aim to introduce positive views of Africa and challenge stereotypes. Activities are unifying, adapting to the differing abilities of those within the group.

Why choose us?

We are dedicated African Arts specialists, passionate about the transformative power of the arts



Our practitioners are all professional artists. The best in their field – fully trained, CRB checked and insured.



Our practitioners all originate from Africa and the Caribbean. Enabling your students to explore, discuss, and learn in a context that involves real-world problems and experiences.



98.8% of recipients felt we met their expectations, including 95.2% who felt we exceeded them.

African Activities works hard to redress an imbalance that we, as Africans, perceive in the west.  We simply do not recognise the one dimensional view of the rich and diverse continent that we derive from!

At African Activities we are proud to be the leading supplier of African themed workshops across England. An African Activities workshop guarantees an authentic and quality experience from our exceptional artists. We are proud to work with international musicians who we believe are the best you will find outside Africa, our musicians work across every continent except Antarctica and the Arctic! Of course we are CRB checked and insured.

You can view our workshops on CBeebies and the BBC. We invite you to view our testimonials and see what those who work with us think of our outcomes!

Our workshops will bring African into your school, workplace, community group or festival and we feel we have a lot to offer!

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