African Activities for education

The trusted solution: Unleashing Creativity through School Workshops Exploring Drumming, Storytelling, History, Black History, Dance, Art, and Recycling

Educational establishments as customers across the UK

Passionate, professional and talented African Arts Specialists

Years delivering workshops. Tried and tested specialists

Authentic cultural arts forms as standard

drumming workshops for schools


A rhythmic journey that engages everyone. Everyone gets a drum to play on.

African dance workshops


High energy moves for a full-body workout that easy to follow and lots of fun!

Recycling workshops for schools


Explore the worlds largest e-waste dump and turn recylables into art

Adnikra workshops for schools


Discover symbols and proverbs of the Akan people, creating your own Adinkra cloth.

Singing workshops for schools

Story telling/ drama!

Learn about Anansi the cheeky West African Spider, bringing African right into your classroom

Art workshops for schools


Accessible activities that explore creativity while gaining a deeper understanding of African Culture.

All our school workshops aim to introduce positive views of Africa and challenge stereotypes. Activities are unifying, adapting to the differing abilities of those within the group.

Empowering Education, Challenging Stereotypes African Activities for Inclusive Learning


We actively work to redress imbalances and challenge the one-dimensional view often associated with the rich and diverse continent of Africa. Our mission is to bring about positive change through education and the arts.


Leading the Way: As the foremost supplier of African-themed school workshops across England, we take pride in our role as leaders in inclusive education.

Authentic and Quality Experiences: Our workshops guarantee authenticity, delivering exceptional experiences curated by our talented artists.

Global Reach: Collaborating with international musicians, we bring you the best talents from outside Africa, enriching the cultural experience. Our musicians have performed on every continent, excluding Antarctica and the Arctic.

Safety Assurance: We are CRB checked and insured, ensuring a secure and professional engagement.

Why Teachers Choose us?

We are dedicated African Arts specialists, passionate about the transformative power of education


Experienced Practitioners

Our professional artists are the best in their field, fully trained, DBS checked and insured.


Authentic Representation

Our practitioners are all from Africa and the Caribbean, offering real-world context to your students.



98.8% of teachers felt we met and exceeded their expectations.

Join the ranks of satisfied schools that have experienced the magic of African Activities workshops.

What our customers say

We are deeply proud of the service we provide. You can explore our workshops on CBeebies and the BBC. View our testimonials and see the transformative outcomes we deliver!

“This was an absolutely fantastic and worthwhile experience for our students. The performance at the end of the day made them feel incredibly proud and confident – a brilliant day facilitated by the happiest workshop leaders I’ve ever worked with. Thank you so much.”

The Hurlingham Academy

“The children were inspired by his knowledge and energy. The activities were engaging and the children enjoyed each one with the diversity and fun that they offered, they did not stop smiling!

“Keep it up – as a teacher I have never gone home feeling so inspired and thankful.”

Colwall Primary School