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Unforgettable African Activities Workshops For Primary Schools

African Art Workshops for Primary Schools

Explore a diverse range of options crafted by our professional African artists. Choose from our tried and tested workshops or collaborate with us for a bespoke piece that aligns perfectly with your curriculum.

Immerse students in the world of African art, fostering creativity and cultural understanding.

African Music Workshops for Primary Schools

Dive into the world of rhythm and melody with our music workshops. From drums to xylophones, students will not only learn the instruments but also delve into the historical and cultural context of African music.

A dynamic exploration of drums, dance, songs, shakers, bells, xylophones, and more.

Things we can do for you

What can we offer your school?

Versatile Workshops: Choose from a range of activities for Primary Schools including Drumming, Dance, Textiles, Recycling, Art, Song, Storytelling, acrobats, contortionists, graffiti artists, Kora, Bands, food and much much more!

Community Interest Company

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting African arts in the UK. Our team of passionate professionals ensures your event meets your needs. Click to find out more about our team our or our motivation.

Extensive schools network

With practitioners across the UK, we have garnered testimonials from hundreds of Primary schools and thousands of children. We work with a hugely diverse range of institutions from some of the most exclusive to some of the most deprived.


Our dedicated back office staff provide quick quotes for your Primary School Workshops.  We work with you providing timetable  and administrative support to ensure that you get the best from your day. 

Nursery Children and the Early Years Curriculum

African Activities is proud the have worked with a number of nurseries including Yellow Dot, Paint Pots and Hungerford Nursery School.  We felt you might like to know some of the activities used during Africa weeks in the nurseries. Many nurseries begin with a...

A day with Woodlands School

Rosewood is a school for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties and Kwame worked with our post 16 group. The drumming workshops led by Kwame are very popular at Woodlands School where pupils and staff enthusiastically join in with the drumming,...

So what does a day of drumming, dance, recycling and storytelling look like?

"The mask making was brilliant. The children loved it and are now looking at everyday objects in different ways. The drumming was awesome and gave the children a sense of achievement in a short amount of time. They haven't stopped talking about it. A brilliant...

Questions we are often asked by teachers interested in running Workshops in their school

How many children can take part in one day?This does vary depending on the practitioner available. A class of 30 can have a great time exploring the majority of the activities we have available. On the other hand Kwame with 60 drums is able to see 420 children in one...

African Activities on CBeebies!

African Activities received a request from CBeebies to be filmed for their popular 'Let's go Club' series. We were delighted to share our Key stage 1 school workshops with them. We contacted a number of schools, all of whom were delighted to be filmed by CBeebies....

African Activities School workshops with Hurlingham Academy

A wonderful day being inspired by students at the Hurlingham Academy.                                      “This was an absolutely fantastic and worthwhile experience for our students. The performance at the end of the day made them feel incredibly proud and confident...

African Activities at Henley College

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Black History Month

Black History Month Kwame Bakoji-Hume Founder African Activities   Well this is a thorny old issue! Both the summer and black history month constitute African Activities’ busiest times of year. We run secondary school workshops and primary school workshops all...

How our primary school workshops work

body percussion

How do we timetable for schools?

Our team will work with you to get the best outcome to reach your objectives.

A session can be from 7 separate classes a day or we can work intensively with one class.

team building events

How Many Primary Students can we accomodate?

As standard we work with a class at a time, if you have space we are happy to work with 2 classes at a time (or up to 60 students) in your hall or larger room.

Maximum – 7 workshops or up to 420 students in a day with one art activity.

Workshops for large events

How Long is a Primary School Workshop Class?

We recommend classes of 60 minutes, though 40 is possible.

We are very happy to work on longer more in depth projects and instillations, as an artist in residence, or simply by working with one class for a full day.

drumming workshops for schools

Can We Mix Activities In a Primary School?

Depending on the practitioner available you may mix in as many activities as you have time for. There is no additional charge for this so why not follow an arty morning with a musical afternoon?

Bead making workshops for schools

What Do You Need?

Very Little! We will bring all of the materials with us for your workshop. The exception to this is recycling. We can bring materials but we feel the collection is a valuable part of the process for the children

body percussion

How Much is it?

Options run from 50p – £16 per student. Please fill out our quick quote form and we will get right back to you with a proposal.

All our school workshops aim to introduce positive views of Africa and challenge stereotypes. Activities are unifying, adapting to the differing abilities of those within the group.

What African Activities can we do?

drumming workshops for schools

African drumming!

An engaging and fun way to get everyone working in rhythm. Everyone gets a drum to play on for each workshop.

dance workshops

Dance Workshops!

High energy but easy to follow moves from EYFS to Year 6. A really fun way to get a full body workout!

Recycling workshops for schools

Recycling workshops!

Learn about the world largest e-waste dump and turn milk bottles into useful objects, masks, elephants or birds.

Art workshops for schools


Working with Kwame who was the artist in residence at Ghana’s Centre For National Culture. Learn his unique style and recreate paintings with your own twist.

Pottery schools

Explore African traditional pottery artefacts and then set about making your own. Learn a simple coil technique and then use Adinkra to decorate your pots.

singing workshops

Storytelling workshops

Learn about Anasi the cheeky West African Spider. Question and answer sessions facilitate student led learning, bring Africa right into your classroom. 

art workshops


Explore a wide variety of cloths from Ghana. Learn about Adinkra symbols and the proverbs the represent and make your own cloth to take home or to form a large installation within school.


Explore a wide variety of cloths from West African including Kente one of the most famous and expensive. Looms mean there is a 15 student limit for this workshop.

Bead making workshops for schools


Learn about the history of West Africa’s trade beads, explore some artefacts and make your own colourful beads from magazine and newspapers.

We are proud of our primary school workshops

“Excellent! Each session was tailored for the year group and managed in a fun but firm way. The children got a lot out of them. Thank you!” 

Limpsfield School, Surrey

“Informative, lively and culturally fascinating” 

Plaistow Primary School