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With an intrument for every pupil and professioanl muscians to teach you this is a fully immersive experince

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We have been offering drumming workshops in the UK since 2000, and many of our practitioners have been teaching in UK schools for well over 2 decades!

We have 10 million public liablity insurance in case anything goes wrong and all of our pracitioners are fully DBS checked, and reciecve training uodates termly.

We really believe we are the best at what we do, but rather than take our word for it please do look through our school testimonials.

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Drumming is often just the start of the story…

Our most popular workshops can be adapted to meet your needs, with 30 drums as stanrad we have taken classes of over 100! Let us know what you would like and we will work hard to achieve it.

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Kpanlogo are Ghanaian drums, originally played by the Ga and now played all across Ghana. They are highly versatile and can be played both with sticks and hands. Traditionally they are played in groups of six drums, with great tonal and pitch variety between the drum sizes. Complex polyrhythms make up the beat. This workshop is much more suited to Key stage two students and beyond.

gcse masterclass

Master drummers and griot avaiable to take your students on a whistle stop tour of African music. Able to teach both the rythums and the contects to the music itself. Combining instrusments with poluy rhytums of cow bell, dun dun, djembe, shaker and mbira. Students will learn a set peice and explore creating thier own compositions.

Mixed activity day

Drumming can be combined with assemblies, adinkra art, texttiles, recycling, song, dance, storytelling and more. Why not let us know your learning objectives and we will help design a day to reach them?


Djembé are fantastic for getting fast results! Originating from west Africa these drums are familiar to all our practitioners. They have sonorous tonal qualities and are relatively simple to play, meaning your class can quickly work on a hypnotising beat! Every participant will have a djembé for the entire session, they will learn a piece aurally (as your practitioner learnt it). Children will respond to aural and visual queues and will have the opportunity to perform a solo. Younger children may use the drum to imitate animals as part of a story.

Story drum

Using the drum to help narate the story following in your storytellers footsteps as he moves through the jungle. The drum will be used to recreate animal sounds from the pitter patter of tiny feet to the slither of snakes and the booming base of natures giants!

drum and dance

Drumming traditionaly works as a one part conversation to the dance. See and learn the artform in its purest form with a dance and drumming pracitioner for the day – able to work with groups of 60 and more if you have space available.

everyone drums

We provide an instrument for every student (and the teachers!), we have a adaptable instruments to ensure pupils can get involved even if they might find it hard to hold a drum or if they like less noise.

Hire of 30 djembé comes as standard with each booking, more can be available on request – allowing classes to be collapsed so we can teach more students, where space is available.

In addition to the 30 djembe each practitioner often has with them; the cow bell which forms the frame for the tune, the shaker, xylophone and the Dun Dun base drum.

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