Textiles workshops for schools


We provide experiences that adapt to meet your students needs

All of our printing workshops for schools have adaptable techniques and equipment to ensure they are fully accessible.

Learning can be done at greater depth with links to symbols and proverb activities. Techniques can be built upon and combined to stretch more able students.

All our school workshops aim to introduce positive views of Africa and challenge stereotypes. Activities are unifying, adapting to the differing abilities of those within the group.

Textile workshops for schools the details

How do we timetable?

Our team will work with you to get the best outcome to reach your objectives.

A session can be from 7 seperate classes a day or we can work intensively with one class.

How Many Students?

As standard we work with a class at a time, if you have space we are happy to work with 2 classes at a time (or up to 60 students) in your hall or larger room for Adinkra. For Kente we can only work with 15 students at a time.

How Long is a Class?

We recommend classes of 60 minutes, though 40 is possible.

We are very happy to work on longer more in depth projects and instilations, as an artist in residence, or simply by working with one class for a full day.

Can We Mix Activities?

Depending on the practitioner available you may mix in as many activities as you have time for. There is no additional charge for this so why not follow an arty morning with a musical afternoon?

What Do You Need?

Very Little! We will bring all of the materials with us for your workshop. There is an additioanl charge of £10 for the Adinkra to cover these materials in the form of cloth, paint and stamps.

How Much is it?

Options run from £2 – £16 per student. Please fill out our quick quote. Adinkra is the only workshop to carry an additioanl charge of £10 per 30 students to cover materials

Why choose us?

We are dedicated African Arts specialists, passionate about the transformative power of education. Get your no hassle quote here.



Our practitioners are all professional artists. The best in their field – fully trained, CRB checked and insured.



Our practitioners are all from Africa and the Caribbean. Enabling your students to explore, discuss, and learn in a context that involves real-world problems and experiences.



98.8% of teachers felt we met their expectations, including 95.2% who felt we exceeded them.

What our customers

We are exceptionally proud of our outcomes

“Thank you so much for a fantastic day.

The children loved the art and the drumming and learnt so much for you.”

St Michaels Prep School

“The technique and Kwame allowed the students to really get involved in the activity. It was lovely to see them so proud of the work they created.”

St Georges SEN, IOW