Inclusion Statement


Inclusion has always been at the core of all that we do. From 2020 to 2021 global events and our own introspection left us with a powerful sense our work needed to quickly become more inclusive. We knew that many spaces were increasingly unwelcoming and unsafe for LGBTQ+ people. We saw that Commonwealth countries disproportionately criminalised homosexuality, and that this was worsening, with these attitudes impacting upon those in the diaspora as well as at home.  

As an African Heritage and Arts Association we are lucky enough to be based in Southampton a town we love and that supports us. As part of our work on Inclusion, we have partnered with John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, the Southampton UK City of Culture 2025 Trust and organisations from across Southampton to make an Inclusion Pledge.  By committing to our pledges together we are unified in our aim to make Southampton an actively Inclusive City. We all hope to use our unique positions and perspectives to advocate and achieve lasting change.

We will continue to use our old histories and our ancestors to guide us through our anticolonial mission.  We actively seek out African LGBTQ+ histories to ensure that they are highlighted, taking their rightful place again in the history we teach. We employ and amplify LGBTQ+ voices to write and tell these stories.

It is our highest priority to provide safe and inclusive spaces for all. All of our classes, workshops and events are actively inclusive.  We celebrate people and will not tolerate any form of prejudice or exclusion in our spaces, ever.

We have not yet reached our destination,  but we are committed to continue to grow and learn better together. We are actively seeking partners in this work to help make us better Allies and advocates for change both in Southampton, in England, in Africa and across the diaspora. We recognise that this work is urgent. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Inclusion Priority


(what do we want to achieve?)

Why have we chosen this target?

(Data/Evidence/Diamond 9)

Action (What are we going

to do to achieve the outcome?)

How will we measure success?

When will we have completed the action?

(Time frame and milestones)

Diversity of Board and staff membership



To increase representation of board members and staff who identify as female, non binary or LGBTQIA.

There were no teachers who identify as female, non binary or LGBTQIA.

Our board and teaching staff was 100% black male CIS.

To include diverse voices in our workshops and curriculum we need to be led by those voices.


Develop and implement an Inclusive recruitment strategy led by HR.



50% of board members will identify as female, non binary for LGBTQIA by March 2024.

Female and non binary teachers on staff Achieved May 2021. Stretch target 50% by March 2024

HR receive additional training and inclusion advice and strategy finalised (March 2022)

Year 1 strategy implemented (March 2023)

Year 2 strategy implemented and target reached (March 2024)


















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