Team building events from African Activities

Welcome to African Activities team building events. We bring a unique high energy experience allowing everyone to work in unison immersed in rhythm.

What to expect?

Experienced, authentic and enthusiastic


We have been providing African Activities in the UK for over ten years and many or our practitioners have been doing it for event longer.

How many can take part?

As a rough rule of thumb we advise one practitioner for every 40 participants. Maximum group size is limited by the space you have available. We are currently limited to 3,000 drums, but can use body percussion and voice with larger groups.


Book now

Please go to the booking pages to see when we are available and get your free quote. Our office is open five days a week and would be delighted to have a quick chat to ensure we get the correct fit for your event.

What our customers say

Tried and tested

“Amazingly entertaining!”

Cambian Group

“Many thanks once again for providing our entertainment last weekend. You handled the large group well and kept them entertained so many thanks for that once again!”

Critical Software