African art workshops for schools

Professional artists able to work on residencies and one off projects in a wide variety of mediums, offering African art workshops for schools and colleges.

African visual arts

We work with a number of visual artists across the UK from Ghana and Jamaica. We provide fully accessible African art workshops for schools with activities which are scalable to suit students needs from early years to university master class level.

African Art workshops for schools


Working with Kwame who was the artist in residence at Ghana’s Centre For National Culture. Learn his unique style and recreate paintings with your own twist.

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Explore African traditional pottery artefacts and then set about making your own. Learn a simple coil technique and then use Adinkra to decorate your pots.

Recycling workshops for schools


Learn about the world largest e-waste dump and turn milk bottles into useful objects, masks, elephants or birds.

Adnikra workshops for schools


Explore a wide variety of cloths from Ghana. Learn about Adinkra symbols and the proverbs the represent and make your own cloth to take home or to form a large instillation within school.


Explore a wide variety of cloths from West African including Kente one of the most famous and expensive. Looms mean there is a 15 student limit for this workshop.

Bead making workshops for schools

Trade beads

Learn about the history of West Africas trade beads, explore some artefacts and make your own colourful beads from magazine and newspapers.

Our African arts workshops for schools bring a much deeper understanding of culture, exploring proverbs and symbolism. Our professional artists will work with your children taking them on their own individual creative journey.

Art workshops for schools; the details

We pride ourselves on being flexible – why not give us a call to talk about your vision and we will try and achieve it.
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How do we timetable?

Our team will work with you to get the best outcome to reach your objectives.

A session can be from 7 separate classes a day or we can work intensively with one class.

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How many students?

As standard we work with a class at a time, if you have space we are happy to work with 2 classes at a time (or up to 60 students) in your hall or larger room. Maximum – 7 workshops or up to 420 students in a day with one art activity.

How long is a class?

We recommend classes of 60 minutes, though 40 is possible. We are very happy to work on longer more in depth projects and instillations, as an artist in residence, or simply by working with one class for a full day.
drumming workshops

Can we mix activities?

Depending on the practitioner available you may mix in as many activities as you have time for. There is no additional charge for this so why not follow an arty morning with a musical afternoon?

Bead making workshops for schools

What do you need?

Very Little! We will bring all of the materials with us for your workshop. The exception to this is recycling. We can bring materials but we feel the collection is a valuable part of the process for the children

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How much is it?

Options run from £2 – £16 per student. Please fill out our quick quote form and we will get right back to you with a proposal.

Why choose us?

We are dedicated African Arts specialists, passionate about the transformative power of education



Our practitioners are all professional artists. The best in their field – fully trained, CRB checked and insured.



Our practitioners are all from Africa and the Caribbean. Enabling your students to explore, discuss, and learn in a context that involves real-world problems and experiences.



98.8% of teachers felt we met their expectations, including 95.2% who felt we exceeded them.

African Activities works hard to redress an imbalance that we, as Africans, perceive in the west.  We simply do not recognise the one dimensional view of the rich and diverse continent that we derive from!

At African Activities we are proud to be the leading supplier of African themed workshops for schools across England. An African Activities school workshop guarantees an authentic and quality experience from our exceptional artists. We are proud to work with international musicians who we believe are the best you will find outside Africa, our musicians work across every continent except Antarctica and the Arctic! Of course we are CRB checked and insured.

You can view our workshops on CBeebies and the BBC. We invite you to view our testimonials and see what those who work with us think of our outcomes!

Our workshops will bring African into your school, workplace, community group or festival and we feel we have a lot to offer!

Get a no hassle quote today and find out what an African Art Workshop might look like for your school

We provide experiences that adapt to meet your students needs

All of our activities are fully accessible and adaptable equipment is available. We are more than happy to work to meet your learning objectives and have explored slavery, environmental  injustice, religion and much more! We work with groups with a wide range of skills, gifts and abilities.