African drumming for team building!

Embark on a transformative journey with African Activities. For millennia, African drumming has been a powerful force for enhancing engagement, productivity, and overall well-being. Now, we’re ready to share this team building secret with you.

What to Expect; Beyond Drum Beats

Let African Activities redefine your team building experiences. Elevate your corporate atmosphere with the powerful and unifying beats of African drumming.

  • A truly authentic, uplifting cultural drumming experience
  • CRB/DBS checked, insured, and talented cultural ambassadors
  • Responsive and tailored sessions adaptable to your needs
  • A drum for each participant, ensuring maximum engagement and participation
  • Brief history and cultural context provided for a deeper understanding
  • Fun and engaging workshops that transcend the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on your team

A Powerful Team Building Force

Drumming for Team Building: Unleashing the power of Rhythmic Harmony 

 Embark on a rhythmic journey with African Activities, where the beats of West Africa meet the heart of team building. In all our workshops, we ensure each participant has their own drum, guided by our expert team of professional lead drummers. Here’s how our sessions can seamlessly integrate into your corporate world:

The Team Builder: Harmonising Large Teams

Perfect for large teams, our Team Builder session is designed for full engagement and maximum impact. Working in breakout sessions, each group learns a unique rhythm led by our practitioners. Witness the magic as distinct rhythms come together, creating a larger, more powerful whole. Poly rhythms are masterfully played, culminating in a show-stopping ensemble piece.

The Ice Breaker: Energizing After Lunch

 In just 30 minutes to an hour, our Ice Breaker session wakes up your team after lunch. Our practitioners perform and lead your organization in a simple call and response style. Quick, accessible, and genuinely uplifting, it unifies your team with a memorable experience.

Drum Circles: Intimate Team Bonding

Ideal for smaller teams, Drum Circles provide a decompression space for communication beyond spoken words. Drumming facilitates focused meditation, showing significant uplifts in mood, unity, and wellness. It’s an intimate, energising and effective team bonding experience.

Combined Options: Tailored Entertainment Solutions

For family days or summer festivals, opt for our Combined Options. We offer mixed activities, including performance, song, movement, storytelling, recycling dance workshops, and art. A full-service solution providing diverse entertainment for your entire event.

Authentic variety – the art activities are based on African art forms exploring many media from textiles to recycling and everything in between.

Elevate Your Team Dynamics with African Drumming Workshops

The Perfect All-Rounder: In West Africa, drumming has long been used to build teams, increase productivity, and improve health. Our workshops offer a holistic approach to team building, addressing multiple aspects of group dynamics simultaneously.

Engaging and Interactive: Led by our expert team of professional lead drummers, our workshops ensure each participant has their own drum. From the first beat to the last, your team will be fully engaged in the rhythmic experience, fostering collaboration and unity.

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