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case study

Eversheds Sutherland Legal Firm



The Adinkra art session was excellent – our team thoroughly enjoyed getting creative. Kwame’s knowledge is second to none. He carefully took time to speak to each person regarding the meanings behind their symbols.

Would recommend!”

The Problem

Eversheds Sutherlands is a Law firm operating globally.  They wanted an engaging Black History month activity that would enable staff to be creative and really engage with the theme of sisterhood/matriarchy. As a Black Led organisation used to delivering excellence we were confident we could provide an authentic solution.

the planning

Our staff team and Eversheds explored a variety of solutions.  We considered how disruptive the event might be for other staff, the spaces and equipment available and of course their desired outcomes. All content was tailored to meet the needs and objectives of Eversheds Sutherland.

The solution

We decided to centre the workshop around Akan cultures from central west Africa.  The Akan people are matrilineal with a rich artistic and cultural offering.  As the desire was to combine creativity with a deep understanding of sisterhood and matriachy within pre colonial histories we decided to focus on Adinkra symbols.

Adinkra symbols are visual representations of proverbs and the elemental truths of the Akan peoples.  Each staff member was able to choose symbols that resonated with them and in combining the cloths it was possible to see a unified visual representation of the group as a whole.

What our customers say

Tried and tested

Staff and volunteers had an amazing time.  He is passionate and warm and his love for Black and African history and the work he does is evident to see.

We thank him and you for your flexibility,  hospitality and desire to go the extra mile. We were very inspired and hope to work with you again soon.


Black Cultural Archives

Kwame was fantastic!

We used AA for a work social and everyone enjoyed it! I’d 100% recommend it!”