We intend to offer the most authentic and real experience in sub saharan Africa. 

This year in 2020 Kwame is delighted to invite you directly to his home town for the first time.  Having told stories of Buipe to schools across the UK we would like to invite you to come and experience it first hand, to become a part of the stories of this place.

Far off the beaten track we offer a safe, honest and authentic experience. A true once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our visits are integrated with the community and family of Buipe, designed by them to showcase the environment, arts and culture of the region. Challenging and fun in equal measure we will ensure that your impact is a positive as possible and that your experience is as real as it is rewarding.

On the banks of the Volta river we are planning a mini travel revolution. Ethical learning experiences which are beneficial to the community, the visitor and the environment in equal measure. Genuine balance has often eluded the tourism industry and we think its time for a project with balance at its heart.