Rewards and off timetable days; mixed arts workshops for Secondary Schools and Colleges

Welcome to African Activities mixed art workshops for secondary schools and colleges. We bring a unique global perspective to a wide variety of events including fêtes and fairs, off curricular days including induction days, Citizenship days, arts events and events to reward selected students behaviour. African Activities are tailored for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Workshops are available for secondary schools and colleges.  Of course they are fully adaptable and are great for mixed ability groups including Pathways students. Content is tailored to meet the needs and learning objectives of your students.

What happens during a day of mixed activities?


Our secondary school workshops are great for multicultural days and off-curriculum days as well as Year 6 taster days.  They tend to be held in two ways; a small group working with one practitioner or a larger group made up of multiple classes and even whole schools!


Multiple practitioner 'take over days' - Our team of up to 20 practitioners will visit your school. The day often begins with a performance to all students. This is followed by a series of activities running on a carousel; commonly art, drum, dance, storytelling, textiles, mask making, recycling and song. Visiting practitioners are all experts in their field, highly trained and experienced at working with key stage 3 and key stage 4. Students may work towards a mass performance at the end of the day and further performances can take place at break and lunch times.


One practitioner 'Africa Days' - A multidisciplinary practitioner will visit your school to work with a small group of students who are off timetable for all or part of the day.  These sessions have been run for students who have show strong academic progress or who have earned a house-point reward. Alternatively you may have some students who have been unable to participate in certain activities due to challenging behaviour and we are able to work with these students for a day.


There is no additional charge for mixing and matching any of our secondary school workshop options, but remember one practitioner can only be in one place at one time!


Case Study

Africa Day with Year 7


The event is run on a two stream carousel so 2 sessions of dance, 2 of drumming and 2 of storytelling. There are nearly 200 students in each year group and so 30 students in each session.


The Creative Arts team organises the annual Cultural Arts Day for students in Year 7 in the summer of every year.  The aim is to enable students to experience art, music, singing, dancing and storytelling from different cultures.


African Activities leads the day with an assembly followed by drumming, singing, dancing and storytelling workshops.  Even during break we will operate, leading students on a ‘Congo dance’ around the central school courtyard.


Mrs Liz McLaughlin, Acting Head of Creative Arts said, “What a wonderful Cultural Arts day. The whole school was filled with the sounds of Africa as Year 7s enjoyed workshops in African storytelling, drumming, dance and mask making. This is the first time we have used the company African Activities and it certainly won’t be the last.  Kwame and co. were certainly a hit with the pupils and came to Perins in traditional dress and bringing with them over 100 African drums!"

Secondary school cultural arts day

Case Study


Two days of African Activities working with St Mary’s School. This video was made by students during the event.

Running a secondary school workshop


Let us know your learning objectives and desired outcomes early. We will work together to plan the best outcome for your school.

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