We were delighted to support the fundraising of Toby to work for his upcoming visit to Kenya.

“I just wanted to write to you to thank so very much for your help in making my fundraising evening so much fun and to add a real taste of Africa to my themed evening.

Everyone enjoyed joining in playing the drums and making lots of noise. We even had people who were walking along the road outside who heard the drums and wandered in wondering what was going on. Consequently, they also gave a donation towards my fundraising.

My evening went to plan perfectly, everyone enjoyed the African food too. The evening raised £2778 and after expenses were deducted, my friend and I were lucky enough to clear £1025 towards our volunteering in Kenya.

I have almost finished fundraising for the trip which is not until 2020 although I do still have someones cat to look after.

Thank you so much again Kwame for making my evening extra special with your presence.”