African Drumming for Secondary Schools GCSE and A Level workshops

GCSE and A level drumming workshops are available from our professional African musicians.

All of our musicians are skilled performers who regularly work as professional musicians.  We are proud to work with many Griot and master drummers. In all our sessions we work hard to avoid the stereotype and bring a richer deeper understanding. Practitioners can, if you wish, discuss their culture and society as the sessions develop.

Our GCSE and A level music workshops will be planned with you to meet your learning objectives.  We recommend working with your practitioner to focus on a piece from their homeland, this brings the deepest and most emmersive experience for your students. However, of course, as professional musicians our practitioners can also work with a piece of your choosing for example an adaptation of Yiri by Koko.


Drumming workshops will be taught with the song that accompanies that rhythm, commonly in a call and response format. GCSE and Alevel drumming workshop will be supplemented with a number of other instruments to make up the rhythm. In addition to the 30 djembe, each practitioner has with them as standard the cow bell which forms the frame for the tune, the shaker, xylophone (balafon) and the Dun Dun base drum.  Whilst willing to work to your requirements our practitioners are most skilled in rhythms from Sene-Gambia, Guinea or Ghana - depending on where they are from!


Your workshop will bring the cultural context of the music to life and enable your students to be hands on with authentic professional grade instruments.


As well as Djembe workshops we are also able to offer Kpanlogo, Ghanaian drums, originally played by the Ga and now played all across Ghana. They are highly versatile and can be played both with sticks and hands. Traditionally they are played in groups of six drums, with great tonal and pitch variety between the drum sizes. Complex poly-rhythms make up the beat.

Timetabling a workshop


We will work with you to maximise the opportunity. We will provide you with a timetable prior to the event.

We are happy to work with one class for a whole or a half day, equally we can work in shorter hour long sessions.


What can we expect?


  • A truly authentic, uplifting, cultural drumming experience - not just drum beats
  • A CRB/DBS checked, insured and talented cultural ambassador from one of the most experienced teams in the UK
  • African drummers for schools who offer a responsive and tailored experience that can be adapted to meet your needs
  • An instrument for each participant
  • A brief history and cultural context for drumming workshop; the instruments and the rhythms
  • Call and response song and some dance may be used alongside storytelling, depending on the needs of your students
  • A fun and engaging drumming workshop for your school




£385 Full Day (Max 6 hours)

£320 Half Day (Max 3 hours)

This is teaching time. Set up and break down is not charged but practitioners would be very grateful for help from the school!

Plus travel expenses

Price Match Guarantee


Booking with African Activities guarantees an authentic and quality experience.  If you are quoted for an equivalent workshop at a cheaper price, we will match it.

African Drumming GCSE and A Levels