Fair Trade in Ghana

Examples of Fair Trade in Ghana

Fair Trade in Ghana

Ghana has very strong unionised labour to fight for the rights of workers. They have worked well with Fair Trade workers and have enabled Ghana to lead the way with Fair Trade chocolate, pineapples and latterly gold.

Most cocoa farmers in Ghana have never tasted chocolate, but farmers from a Fairtrade-certified cooperative in Ghana own 44% of the Divine chocolate company. Launched in 1998, it went down in history as the first farmer-owned confectionery brand in the UK. Divine is not sold in Ghana, the national chocolate is Kingsbite – it is especially manufactured to cope with the heat and humidity in Ghana where Divine chocolate would just melt!

Shea Butter

Shea Nut in grown in the North of Ghana. Shea butter is used in cosmetics and commonly found in food in Euroupe, such as margarine. This Worksheet explores the processing of Shea.

Fair Trade Wordsearch

Find out more about the products that Ghana exports.

Fair Trade PowerPoint

Download this power point exploring Fair trade in Ghana. See Kwame in the banana farm and explore what it means to be fair, how this are unfair and how fair trade helps.

Online resources

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Proverb and symbols explained with worksheets and video. Make your own stamps and hold a workshop.

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A series of videos explaining how to turn a milk bottle into birds, masks and elephants and how to make beads.


Video, audio files and notes to help you lead a call and response session in your class.

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Real life examples of the imapct of Fair Trade in Ghana. Plenty of materials including a power point and wordsearch.

YouTube Channel

Lots of videos and information.