Fair Trade in Ghana

by | Jan 17, 2017 |

Find here materials and links to a range of activities regarding Fair trade fortnight.  Our focus here is upon fair trade in Ghana and the produce from there.

What is Fair Trade?

It’s really very simple. Work done in some parts of the world is paid at a much higher rate than others. This is not fair. It means people who are already very poor get very little profit and people who are already rich making most of the money.

  • Better prices for crops.
  • Better working conditions, so workers are treated well and children are able to attend school.
  • Keeping farming sustainable so that crops can be grown year after year.
  • Fair terms of trade (selling goods) for farmers and workers in poorer countries.
  • Extra money going into projects that help the local community such as bicycles to get to work or wells to provide water.

Fair Trade in Ghana

Ghana has very strong unionised labour to fight for the rights of workers. They have worked well with Fair Trade workers and have enabled Ghana to lead the way with Fair Trade chocolate, pineapples and latterly gold.



Resources for use here

  • To find out more about the fair trade products Ghana exports your class might like to do this KS1 word search Or this KS2 Word search.

  • This fair trade powerpoint outlines what fair trade is and how this works in Ghana. Which products are fairly traded and why.

  • More Resources are coming very soon