Mixed activity days no extra cost!

African Activities hold Africa Days across the country, enabling students to engage in a number of activities and art forms.


An engaging and fun way to get everyone working in rhythm. Everyone gets a drum to play on.


High energy but easy to follow moves. A really fun way to get a full body workout!.


Learn about the world largest e-waste dump and turn milk bottles into useful objects, masks, elephants or birds.


Find out about the symbols and proverbs of the Akan people. Then either make your own symbol or use ours to print your Adinkra Cloth.


Learn about Anasi the cheeky West African Spider. Question and answer sessions facilitate student led learning, bring Africa right into your classroom. 


Our highly accessible activities allow you to explore creativity whilst gaining a deeper understanding of African Culture.

Educational establishments as customers accross the UK

Passionate, professional and talented African Arts Specialists

Years delivering workshops. Tried and tested specialists

Authentic cultural arts forms as standard

We provide experiences that adapt to meet your student’s needs

All of our activities are fully accessible and adaptable equipment is available. We are more than happy to work to meet your learning objectives and have explored slavery, environmental  injustice, religion and much more! We work with groups with a wide range of skills, gifts and abilities.

Nursey – Key Stage 3

Featured on CBeebies – We offer workshops for Nurseries, Infant schools, junior schools and of course primaries.

The full range of workshops designed to meet your learning objectives. More information…

Key stage 3 – GCSE

We are are happy to design workshops to meet your learning objectives.

Popular options include arts weeks, celebrating success days, black history month, GCSE music, art, citizenship and humanities focused events.

Africa Day all schools

We can take over a year group or even a whole school for the day.

We will meet your learning objectives. A wide range of activities work well for MAD week, arts week, Rag week, diversity events and of course black history month. 

Specialist Education

We believe in the healing and the unifying power of the arts. Our workshops are accessible to all.

We enjoy working within a variety of secure units and professional care homes throughout the country.  

All our school workshops aim to introduce positive views of Africa and challenge stereotypes. Activities are unifying, adapting to the differing abilities of those within the group.

A mixed activity day how does it work?

How do we timetable?

Our team will work with you to get the best outcome to reach your objectives.

A session can be from 7 separate classes a day or we can work intensively with one class.

How many students?

As standard we work with a class at a time, if you have space we are happy to work with 2 classes at a time (or up to 60 students) in your hall or larger room.

Maximum – 7 workshops or up to 420 students in a day. Story telling enables us to work with even larger groups.

How long is a class?

For all except storytelling we recommend classes of 60 minutes, though 40 is possible. Story telling can be done in ten minute sessions.

We are very happy to work on longer more in depth projects and instilations and plays, or simply by working with one class for a full day.

Can we mix activities?

Depending on the practitioner available you may mix in as many activities as you have time for. There is no additional charge for this so why not follow an arty morning with a musical afternoon?

What do you need?

Very Little! We will bring all of the materials with us for your workshop. The exception to this is recycling. We can bring materials but we feel the collection is a valuable part of the process for the children

How much is it?

Options run from £2 – £16 per student. Please fill out our quick quote form and we will get right back to you with a proposal.

Get a no hassle quote today and find out what your schools African Activities day might look like