ICe Breakers

With a wide range of team building services and performance options, we are always ready to work with you to create a bespoke event

icebreakers and energisers for your event

These short high energy sessions are designed to get everyone involved and playing in unison as quickly as possible. Of course they are fully adaptable and are great for mixed ability groups.

You can also mix and match the energiser with a performance of team building events. For example you could make your after dinner entertainment a more interactive experience!

What to expect?

Kwame has been running drumming workshops in the UK for 15 years. Our team of highly skilled professional musicians are African Drumming specialists able to engage and entertain – sharing a truly uplifting cultural experience not just drum beats!

Your practitioners will be wearing national dress (not a costume!) and will lead a visual as well as musically exciting session!

 ~ RTS Consulting Group

How many participants?

 As a rough rule of thumb we advise one practitioner for every 40 participants. Maximum group size is limited by the space you have available.  We are currently limited to 1500 drums, but can use body percussion and voice with larger groups.


 Please go to the booking pages to see when we are available and get your free quote. Our office is open five days a week and would be delighted to have a quick chat to ensure we get the correct fit for your event.

Why not get started? We will be very happy to provide you with a schedule and costing for your ideas.

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