Dance workshops for schools

Get active and have a lot of fun!

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Dance works best when mixed with a live drummer to support the action but it can work as a stand alone activity…

With Dance it is possible for us to work with much larger groups at one time, making it a cost effective option for larger schools. Let us know what you would like and we will work hard to achieve it.


A dance in which every movement tells a story – used to both venerate and destroy kings

The dance is taught on a clock system and is accessible to much younger children.

GCSE/A-level masterclass

Professional dancers to take your students out of thier comfort zone and into a whole new genre.

Teaching not just dance moves, but the context and history behind these dance moves and working with students to choreograph their own piece.

Mixed activity day

Dance works best with drumming but can be combined with any of our activities. As we can work with large groups you could try it as an assembly or mix with adinkra art, textiles, recycling, song, drum, storytelling and more. Why not let us know your learning objectives and we will help design a day to reach them?


This dance uses large and balletic movements which are easy to follow and a real work out!

It works well with a drummer to support as the movement changes in response to the drum. However your dancer can replicate this with voice calls if necessary.

Story dance

Using dance to help narrate the story following the story as it twists and turns through a jungle long ago.

Recreate animals and daily movements from washing to collecting water from the river.

Sport Dance

Dance is an excellent way to engage with students who may be hard to reach through competitive sports. It is a fun, non competitive activity. If you are worried boys don’t dance please check out are videos – we think you might be pleasantly surprised!

Everyone dances

We like to ensure that all of our activities are fully accessible. we are happy to work with students with limited mobility and can adapt the dance to suit your needs.
Dance workshops for schools

Bespoke experiences


Mix and match the activities


work towards a performance at the end of the day


Add an assembley

If you have a vision, we will help you to turn it into reality

Dance workshops the details

How do we timetable?

Our team will work with you to get the best outcome to reach your objectives.

With dance we can work with 8 separate classes a day or we can work intensively with one class.

How many students?

As standard we work with a class at a time, if you have space we are happy to work with much larger groups and have worked with year groups of 300. Of course this demands a suitable space and staff support on hand.

How long is a class?

With dance we often work on shorter sessions. Where we do work with a full class for a day we will schedule breaks and ask that water is on hand.

Can we mix activities?

Depending on the practitioner available you may mix in as many activities as you have time for. There is no additional charge for this so why not follow an arty morning with a musical afternoon?

What do you need?

Very Little! We will bring all of the materials with us for your workshop. The exception to this is recycling. We can bring materials but we feel the collection is a valuable part of the process for the children

How much is it?

Options run from £2 – £16 per student. Please fill out our quick quote form and we will get right back to you with a proposal.