TeamBuilding and corporate events

African Activities bring people together in the most fundamentally creative ways. Unifying and energising activities will enliven your corporate events, conferences, product launches and team building exercises.

What activities?

Alongside our wide range of activities we are happy to work with you to creat a bespoke solution to suit you…


A drum for every participant. High energy polyrhyums mix with classic base beats for accessible and high energy fun!


Dramatic easy to follow moves to get everyone moving and grooving.


Call and response rounds quickly build to a dramatic sound. Songs used are traditional working songs designed to unify and energise.

body percussion

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adinkra art

Learn about adinkra symbols and their meanings. A patchwork of unity can then be sewn togther with a represntation of your organisations strengths and identity embedded in its fabric.

Our Work

We are happy to work with you anywhere from zoos to boardrooms!

High energy and authentic entertainment and workshops.

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What our customers say

Tried and tested.

“Amazing! Kwame is lovely’”

Event Manager

Event Manager, Yes Business Event Solutions

“Thank you the drumming was a big success”

Personnel, Ericsson Services Ltd.

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