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We are African Activities providing African drummers for schools, offering authentic educational experiences across the UK

Our Team

Since 2000 African Activities has been providing drummers and artists from other African art forms to schools and educational establishments across Britain. Quietly building a strong reputation for exceptionally high quality, fun and thought provoking workshops. Expanding on providiing African drummers for schools to also providing story tellers, dancers, visual artists and more. Our team will work with you to ensure your workshop meets your needs, with a full timetable of the day before the event and materials to help you to continue the learning after we have gone. We are able to adapt to meet your needs. Meet the team that makes it happen…

Kwame Bakoji-Hume

Founder of African Activities, SEND workshop specialist

Kwame was born into the drumming and herbalist tradition in Buipe, Ghana.

Sponsored to advance his education at the Ghanatta college of arts in Accra, Kwame went on to become the artist in residence at the Centre for National Culture in Ghana.

Pape Thiam

 Dance and Dun Dun specialist. Primary workshop expert as seen on CBeebies

As seen on CBeebies, Pape Thiam is an exceptional DunDun player, multi instrumentalist and talented dancer.

Originally from Senegal, Pape is now based in the UK. Pape works with numerous bands and often travels through Europe and the Middle East.

Oumar Camera

Dance and Djembe specialist

Born into a drumming and dancing tradition in Guinea, Oumar quickly rose to be the lead soloist for Ballet Nafaya and went on to dance for several national ballet groups, winning prizes including best actor/dancer in the Festival d’Alliances. He is a skilled drummer and tours extensively.

Kulcha Lee

Visual Artist and Nyabingy Drummer for schools

A gifted artist and orator experienced in delivering race relations and diversity sessions for the police and corporates.

Awarded the National Community Champions excellence award, voted Gloucester’s most active community leader and commended by Jamaican High Commissioner as an ambassador of Jamaican Culture.

Cheikh Diop

Djembe Master Drummer, Dancer, African drummer for schools

Cheikh Diop has performed at music concerts in the UK and Europe: Chelsea Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Disneyland Paris, Natural History Museum and BBC Headroom Project.

Cheikh Diop has facilitated many national and international team-building shows in the corporate field for companies such as NHS, BBC, IBM.

Karim Mbaye

Griot and Sabar Master Drummer

Karim is the UK’s leading Sabar drum player from Senegal, he was born into a Griot family. The Gewel or Griot train as a musicians, singers, storytellers and historians.

Karim has toured the world playing with artists Alioune Mbaye Nder, Salif Keita, Ismael Lo and Baaba Maal and played alongside the late great legend Ray Charles in Paris.

Emmanuel ‘The Magnificent’ Okine

Drummer, Dancer, Acrobat, Circus Skills, musician, performer

Emmanuel is from Ghana where he has honed his musical and acrobatic crafts from the age of five.

He now combines traditional African music and acrobatics with skills learnt elsewhere have trained with a Chinese State Circus master. Fire eating, juggling and extraordinary feats of balance are to be expected, all to the sounds of music from Africa and beyond.

Oumar Sagna

Master drum and Dance Teacher


Originally from Senegal where he worked as an artiste for many years in several Dakar based companies. A skilled dancer and percussionist, he teaches with an enthusiasm that is infectious.

Since coming to live in the UK in 2005, Oumar Alex has passed on his love of West African music and dance to people from many different cultures. He is a skilled and passionate teacher.

Jali Fily Cissokho


Senegalese master musician Jali Fily Cissokho is griot and an outstanding Kora player. The Kora is described as a 21 string African harp/lute.

 As Griot he comes from a family of musicians whose skills and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. Yet, as a citizen of the 21st Century, he is also attuned to the rhythms of the present and future, creating a unique natural musical blend that spans centuries and continents.

Palaye Seck


Hailing from Senegal, Palaye Seck brings you a show seen rarely outside of it’s homeland. The ‘Simb’ Lion Dance tells the story of Senegalese lion legend through a spectacular show of drum, dance and acrobatics.

Palaye is experienced with leading large audiences in dance participation having worked with Reed Recruitment and at Womad festival.

Kwajo Bakoji-Hume

The next generation

Kwajo supports band performances and workshops on bell, shaker and the base drum known as the Dun Dun.

Vieux Bakayoko


Vieux is a djembefola and is an accomplished player and teacher.

He has provided numerous performances and workshops. His clients include Womad festival, BBC Radio, Korea International Festival of Art, Warwick Arts Centre, Rhythms of the World Festival, Acoustic Festival of Britain, Stratford Fringe Festival and many many more.

Diana Ross

Finance and Funding

Diana helps keep us on track to deliver our work.

If you have an event or project that you would like us to help you explore funding for please do get in touch.

Janet Youngs


Janet has a lifetime of administration and event management experience. She has an exceptional eye for detail. Once your booking is confirmed her team will ensure you are fully prepared for your event with timetables and event plans.


Janet is always happy to chat things through on the phone or via email and will work tirelessly to ensure your event is successful.

Lotte Bakoji-Hume


Lotte first visited Kenya in 1992, and has been living and working between Ghana and England since 1995. With an academic back ground in African Studies Lotte is well placed to outline the art-forms available.

Lotte would be delighted to  hear about your requirements to ensure the best fit for you.

We have options you may not have thought of, let us Help You

Long story short

African Activities was created by Kwame as he did not recognise the vision of Africa depicted in stories and the media here in the UK.

It is born of a desire to redress the balance, to tell our stories and to tackle the stereotypes that run rife without them.  By providing African drummers for schools we are able to use this as a spring board to go deeper.

We are driven to bring authentic artistic expressions of Africa to the UK and further afield. Here at African Activities we pride ourselves on our highly skilled practitioners. We provide gifted, reliable and experienced practitioners; CRB/DBS checked and insured.

We are Ghanaian, Guinean and Senegalese practitioners.  We love what we do and are about much more than ‘just drumming’ we also offer a variety of arts and craft workshops, singing, dance, storytelling, art and more!

Our back office staff are also passionate about what we do and will be determined to ensure your school workshops are a real success.

“Thank you the drumming was a big success” Ericsson Services Ltd.

Why not give us a call to discuss your event?

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