Teambuilding through Arts and crafts

Welcome to African Activities Art Textile and Craft workshops for companies and groups. Our unique range of arts projects are designed to enable people to access their creativity in unifying ways.

The art activities are based on African art forms exploring many media from textiles to recycling and everything in between.  Designed with team building in mind, content

is tailored to meet the needs and objectives of your organisation.

Kwame is a graduate from the Ghannata College of Arts in Accra and went on to be the artist in residence at the Centre for National Culture in Ghana.


Now based in the UK, Kwame works with galleries, schools, community groups and arts organisations as an artist educator. Bringing African art, recycled art workshops and community projects to schools, events and other venues.


Mural Painting

Your team can work together to build an exciting mural. Kwame is able to quickly teach effective muralist techniques - this can be combined with Adinkra symbols to ensure your mural reflects the ethos and mission of your organisation. At the same time it will have been painted by your staff, embedding them in creating a lasting vision oF the organisation you share.


Patchwork of unity

Your team will explore Adinkra symbols and their proverbial meanings. Participants then pick stamps to represent themselves and the organisation they work within.

It's a great way to gently breakdown barriers and discover and explore insightful hidden meanings.


We have created costumes, flocks of birds, African Villages, jewellery, pots and are sure together we can come up with something new that will be perfect for your organisation. All our activities are fully inclusive and will focus on unlocking creativity within youR team.


Team Building art workshops

Running a Workshop


Let us know your objectives and desired outcomes early and we can work together to plan the best outcome for you.


Perhaps you would like to create a collective artwork for your offices. Perhaps you have issues of change or stagnation that you would like to explore.



Team Building art workshops

Teambuilding through Arts and crafts

Team Building art workshops


A wonderful, enthralling and truly genuine experience

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Teambuilding through Arts and crafts

Team Building art workshops