African Drumming For Team Building

For your drum workshop we provide a drum for every participant in a lively and engaging session.

We work hard to avoid the stereotype and bring a richer deeper understanding. Practitioners can if you wish discuss their culture and society as the sessions develop. Content is tailored to meet your objectives and can even reflect your company values or event themes.

What do we offer?


You can choose for a drumming workshop which is fully participatory - you can also have it led by and including some performance. This can be a great way to get an event started with a dramatic performance, or working towards a crescendo at the end of your day's training. Our skilled and highly experienced team are all Africans and will teach rhythms from Sene-Gambia, Guinea or Ghana - depending on where they are from!


Smaller drum circles are suited to groups of up to 60. You will learn some simple rhythms and beats of Djembe drums. Djembé drum originates from West Africa, in particular Senegal, The Gambia and Mali, and has become Africa’s most popular drum due to its sonorous tonal qualities, hypnotic pulsating sound and the relative simplicity of its playing technique. Djembes are fantastic for getting fast results and your team will quickly be working together! An hour is perfect for each group.


For larger events we have over 1000 drums! This dynamic workshop is an introduction to the energetic style of West African drumming. It is one of our most popular workshops with 100% participation! You will have one practitioner per 30 drums allowing your team to break into poly rhythmic sections, which come together in a crescendo at the end. This enables your team to work together making fantastic music, whilst participating in the perfect demonstration that different skills come together to create a greater whole.


How can we combine workshops?


In all the standard drumming workshops song, movement and storytelling may be used depending on the needs of your organisation.


Drumming works particularity well with a dance workshop, but we also have art options.

Timetabling a Workshop


One practitioner can offer six 30 minute sessions with 60 participants in each session throughout the day.


Larger sessions with up to 1000 at a time will be timetabled to meet your needs, but would need at least 1 hour and 30 minutes to be carried out effectively.

What can we expect?


  • A truly authentic, uplifting, cultural drumming experience - not just drum beats
  • A CRB/DBS checked, insured and talented cultural ambassador from one of the most experienced teams in the UK
  • African drummers who offer a responsive and tailored experience that can be adapted to meet your needs
  • An instrument for each participant
  • A brief history and cultural context for drumming workshop; the instruments and the rhythms (if desired)
  • Call and response song and some dance may be used alongside storytelling, depending on the needs of your organisation
  • A fun and engaging drumming workshop


African Drumming For Team Building