Dance Workshops

for Secondary Schools

Welcome to African Activities Dance Workshops for secondary schools.   A workout for body and soul!

African Dance Workshops for secondary schools are tailored for key stage 3, 4 and 5.  We will work with you to meet the learning objectives and needs of your dance students. We can offer a fun introduction as part of an off timetable day, GCSE, BTEC or A level focused dance workshops. Our dance practitioners are skilled professional dancers. They will place the dance piece within its cultural context bringing depth to the experience.  Our focus uses dance and movement to improve both mental and physical fitness.

All our dance workshops offer a great fun cardiovascular workout!


Within the workshops an African dance teacher will take students through the chosen dance, explaining its meaning and significance along the way.


Dance workshops can stand alone or be combined with a drum workshop leading to a vibrant final performances.

Running a workshop

A cool room with good acoustics is great.  Students will be moving around and there needs to be ample space for them to do so. The drums are heavy and loud, please bear this in mind when locating us.


How can we combine workshops?


Drumming workshops combine very well with dance workshops, with two practitioners you can easily run drum and dance workshops in the same space.


Our practitioners are happy to work towards a particular learning objective and they would be delighted to offer their world view in a question and answer session.


An assembly is often a great starting point for everyone to explore stereotypes and dominant paradigms. Assemblies giving a quick introduction with a short dance performance can be a great way to reach even more students.


In all the standard drumming workshops song, movement and storytelling may be used depending on the needs of your class.


If you would like to explore offering your students a multidisciplinary day, please do take a look at our off timetable options, allowing a class, school or year group to work off timetable with a number of activities and practitioners working on a carousel basis. This has worked well for arts week events and for Citizenship days in the past, read about Perins school's cultural arts day with African Activities.

Sample Timetable with one class



1 Practitioner

09.00-09.20    Assembly

09.30-10.30     Dance Session Panlogo

10.30-11.30      Call and Response song

11.30-12.30      Dance Session  Agbajah

12.30-13.00     Lunch

13.00- 14.00    Dance Session Practice

14.00- 15.00    Performance

Sample Timetable with a school (45 minutes per class)



2 Practitioners

09.00-09.15    Assembly

09.30-10.15    Dance Session

10.15-11.00     Dance Session

11.00-11.45     Dance Session

11.45-12.30     Dance Session

12.30-13.00    Lunch

13.00- 13.45   Dance Session

13.45- 14.30   Dance Session

14.30-15.00    Closing Performance

One practitioner can offer nine 30 minute sessions with 40 students in each session throughout the day.

Dance Workshops for Secondary Schools