Call and response song from Ghana

Learn how to lead a call and response song session, the context and the uses of the songs…

Resources call and response song

Please find here recordings and videos of the songs that Kwame has taught during your sessions. There are also some new songs for you to hear direct from Patrick and Joe in Ghana, please let us know if you would like the audio file.

You will not find written lyrics here – call and response is part of a rich oral tradition. It is an auditory learning process. The PDF holds back ground information on the songs so you can understand the meaning and context. 

Sound scape of Ghana

We thought you might like to use some of these tracks to set the scene for the children learning and to give them an auditory sense of space.

This recording is of frogs in the Savannah around Buipe. Perhaps the children might note how similar their call is to the bell.

This recording is of ‘drivers mates’ calling out the destinations of the buses they work for. These mini buses are called TroTro and the travel all over Ghana.

This recording is of the rain falling in Buipe.

Online resources

Here is a run down of the materials we have on offer online.

Not seen what you are looking for? Do let us know what you would like to see and we will try and upload it.

Adinkra symbols

Proverb and symbols explained with worksheets and video. Make your own stamps and hold a workshop.

Ghana Power point

An introduction to Ghana in West Africa. 


A series of videos explaining how to turn a milk bottle into birds, masks and elephants and how to make beads.


Video, audio files and notes to help you lead a call and response session in your class.

fair trade

Real life examples of the imapct of Fair Trade in Ghana. Plenty of materials including a power point and wordsearch.

YouTube Channel

Lots of videos and information.