African Summer Camp

African Summer Camp

African Activities CIC is delighted to be running a number of events for children this summer.

For the first week of the Summer holidays we are offering a fully immersive Ghanaian experience – children will play games, hear stories, learn songs, drumming, dance and of course art all from the amazing country of Ghana. At the end of the week children will have the chance to share what they have learnt with their parents and loved ones at the festival showcase.

The event is taking place at Hanger Farm in Totton – more details about the African Summer Holiday club

On the 13th August we will be returning to the Hampshire Home Education network for the day.

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World Book Day

We love Handas Surprise but having lost count of the number of times we have worked with this theme we thought we would let you know about our three current favourite stories…

Anasai The Spider – Gerald McDermott

If we have visited you will know we love Anasai stories about the original spider man – taking you romping through the Ghanaian rainforest.  This is a fantastic book traditional Ashanti tale also uses Adinkra symbols throughout. Highly recommended – Anansi sets out on a long, difficult journey. Threatened by Fish and Falcon, he is saved from terrible fates by his sons. But which of his sons should Anansi reward?
Age 4+

The Ghanaian Goldilocks – Dr Tamara Pizzoli

The Ghanaian Goldilocks is wonderful retelling of a classic fable from a Ghanaian perspective. The story revolves around the adventures of a light haired boy called Kofi who is fondly referred to by his friends and family as Goldilocks.  Wonderfully illustrated the Ghanaian Goldilocks explores every day life in Ghana and teaches children about morals. Age +3





Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Click here for Individual Response to the questions “How would you describe your over all experience with our company”

  • Very professional, you have a great team!
  • We had a fantastic time – Kwame was really engaging and gave the kids lots of opportunities to get in involved.
  • Great!
  • Great!
  • Very positive indeed!
  • Good
  • Accessible for the staff. Inspiring for the children.
  • Excellent
  • Very professional, excellent communication. The whole day was a total success, the children will be talking about it for ages to come! Teachers also thoroughly enjoyed the day – Kwame was fantastic.
  • Very good, with effective communication, questions answered and a time table created that met our aims and objectives.

Click here to see live current data of suggestions our customers had for improving our workshops.

  • Only that I wish I had taken your advice and been able to timetable slightly longer sessions, 1 hour rather than 40 minutes would have been ideal!
  • It was great – Kwame was superb
  • No
  • No
  • Adrinka examples for children to see before printing workshop
  • It was truly perfect.
  • No
  • Next time we would probably do the mask making ourselves, but do more singing, dancing, story telling and drumming with Kwame as the children absolutely loved this!
  • No; it was a great experience for our children who thoroughly loved creating their artwork.

How We Help Each Other Through An Educational Funding Crisis

There is no doubt that schools are under extraordinary pressure at this time. A twin attack of funding shortfalls and increasing pressure on targets, curriculum and staff time are making in increasingly hard for schools to book activities.

We know our outcomes are amazing and we are humbled by the ingenuity of the staff we continue to work with as they find funding with the support of parents, PTA’s and funding. But we are also aware that we now work in less inner city schools than we have in the past and very few Secondaries. Its a real shame because we know from teachers that for many students our visits were turning points in regaining pride and examining aspirations in a new light.

We Have No Money What Can We do?
1. We have resources online which are free to teachers. Please do let us know if you would like us to add some content. For us changing perceptions of Africa and of Africans is central. We now reach over 3000 teachers with these resources and we would like to make them even better.
2. Funding, We have recently completed a tour of North Wales covered by a “rural schools grant” and we are now exploring Music for all funding. Please keep an eye out in your local area for funding streams and let us know if we can help in your applications.
3. Parent power – we work with a number of schools where the visit is paid for in part or in whole by parental contributions. We can help by ensuring students have something to take home at the end of the day and by putting together a short performance to parents at the end of your school day.
4. Discounts – if you are able to hold a workshop in December or September we maybe able to work with you to offer a discount, simply because our practitioners are less busy at these times. In the same vein if you are able to place a link to our website from your school website we can offer an automatic 15% discount – simply because it allows us to decrease our advertising spend with google and reach more schools.
5. Joint Visits – If you have just one class or you are a smaller school we are very happy to visit two schools in one day. This means you can share not only the day rate, but also the transport costs – making an event much more affordable.

We Cannot Afford a Visit – But we Would Like You To Still Exist
1. If we have visited your school in the past please share a google review about our visits and please share our organisation and what we do with fellow teachers and local schools.

Kids Clubs – A Day Trip to Ghana

Kids Clubs – A Day Trip to Ghana

We are always pleased to visit Kids Clubs during the school holidays – Its wonderful to put the focus clearly on having fun!

Kwame was pleased to visit Isis After school breakfast and holiday club in Basingstoke. He delivered a range of activities starting with making recycled birds, masks and elephants from old milk bottles. The children then enjoyed dancing and listening to stories.

We are very happy to work with you to provide a truly exciting day! You can of course choose from any of our activities. Please do just email us at to find out more.

Years 3-6 – A day of Recycling, Dance and Storytelling

Years 3-6 – A day of Recycling, Dance and Storytelling

We spent a wonderful day recently with Congerstone Primary school.  The children and teachers had a fabulous time.

We thought you might like to see the timetable for the day to give an idea of what one practitioner can offer.

Here is some video of a little African Xylophone – played to calm all the children down after the dancing!