African drumming for team building!

The perfect all rounder! In West Africa we have been using African drumming to improve engagement by building teams, increasing productivity and improving health for milllennia, we want to share our secret.  

What do we offer?

In all workshops

  • Drum for every participant
  • Expert team of professional lead drummers, from West Africa, fully trained and insured
  • Tried and Tested program designed for full engagement and maximum impact
  • An authentic , uplifting experience

The Team Builder

Perfect for large teams. We work with groups of your own or random choosing in breakout sessions.  Each group is taught a differing rhythm by the lead practitioner.  Groups are them brought together for a show stopping experience as they experience their differing rhythms coming together to create a much larger, more powerful, whole.  poly rhythms are played together to create an ensemble piece.

The Ice Breaker

A short sharp session, perfect to wake everyone up after lunch!  In 30 minutes to an hour our practitioners will perform and lead your organisation to become a part of that performance in a simple call and response style. It is quick, accessible and  genuinely uplifting and unifying experience. 

 Drum Circles

Perfect for smaller and more intimate teams.  This session works particularly well for decompression, allowing communication without the pressure of the spoken word. Drumming facilitates focused meditation and in clinical sessions has shown significant uplifts in mood, unity and wellness.  

Combined Options

Needing a solution for your family day or summer festival?  We are happy to provide mixed activity solutions with performance, song, movement, storytelling, recycling dance workshop, and art options. A full service solution bringing mixed entertainment for your whole event. 

What can we expect?

  • A truly authentic, uplifting, cultural drumming experience – not just drum beats
  • A CRB/DBS checked, insured and talented cultural ambassador from one of the most experienced teams in the UK
  • African drummers who offer a responsive and tailored experience that can be adapted to meet your needs
  • An instrument for each participant
  • A brief history and cultural context for drumming workshop; the instruments and the rhythms (if desired)
  • Call and response song and some dance may be used alongside storytelling, depending on the needs of your organisation
  • A fun and engaging drumming workshop

We work hard to fullfill your vision

Bespoke events to incorporate your key messages and aims

What our customers say

Tried and tested

“Thank you, the drumming was a big success.”
Ericsson Services Ltd

“Amazingly Entertaining!!!”
Cambian Group