African Storytelling for Schools

Welcome to African Activities Storytelling workshops for schools.   We bring a unique range of storytelling to your school covering traditional tales and fables right up to modern biographies and spoken word.

Workshops are available for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Content is tailored to meet the needs and learning objectives of your students.

If you let us know your themes and objectives we will try and find a story to meet them.


A great way to instil morals and encourage debate regarding issues such as bullying.


Meet Anasai, a lovable rouge spider who began his life in West Africa but has now travelled with the Diaspora around the globe.


In Ghana many groups have aural histories which trace migration back to the rift valley and thus to the birth of human kind.


All our workshops are inclusive with focus on engaging every child.

What could you expect?


A visit from our practitioners can be about a lot more than just music, dance and art. It can bring a truly global dimension to your classroom that makes students re-evaluate their choices.


Storytelling allows you to touch on many learning objectives from Geography to PSHE. Our most popular storytelling option for secondaries is uplifting assemblies. Kwame is very aware of 'poverty of aspiration' and pride in many young people in the UK. His frank assessment of his childhood opportunities can be a great tool for building strength, resilience and gratitude in young people.


Things students have said following our workshops...


"You showed me how to believe in myself"


"I realised some of the things I take for granted are precious gifts. I never thought of education as a privilege before, its made me think I should ask for less and try to earn more."


"I'm not sure if you know, but I was in a genuinely bad place when we did the arts mark award. The sessions really helped me climb out of the dark and I'll never forget your story, its gave me hope when I really needed it."


"I've never really thought about being African before. It feels good to feel proud."

African storytelling for secondary schools

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How can combine workshops?


Storytelling is traditionally accompanied by songs and musical interludes.


There is no additional charge for mixing and matching any of our workshops, but remember one practitioner can only be in one place at one time!


Running a workshop


Let us know your learning objectives and desired outcomes early and we can work together to plan the best outcome for your school.

African Day for 1 class with 1 Practitioner

09.00-09.20    Assembly

09.30-10.30     Mask Making

10.30-11.30      Storytelling and drumming

11.30-12.30      Milk bottle birds

12.30-13.00     Lunch

13.00- 14.00    Adinkra Printing

14.00- 15.00    Mask painting

Kwame has been running storytelling workshops in the UK since he first arrived from Ghana in 2000. We now have a team of African Drumming specialists able to engage and entertain your students.  Our CRB/DBS checked, insured and expert practitioners make up one of the most experienced teams of facilitators in the UK - sharing a truly uplifting cultural experience not just drum beats!

African Storytelling for Schools

 Thanks so much for the workshops today. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. (Children and Adults!)

We love your passion and enthusiasm and we learnt so much from you about your culture. We will definitely be in touch about booking some more workshops next year.


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