Quick Quote and Sample Timetable

Price Match Guarantee


If you are quoted for an equivalent workshop at a cheaper price, let us know, we will match it.


Event & Performance Fees


Contact us for a hassle-free quote.


If we are able to sell CDs or services at your event it maybe offset against your costs


Your order for the services of African Activities must be confirmed by us in writing (by e-mail, fax or post.)


The event organiser is responsible for organising a suitable venue for the event.

Please brief us on any evacuation or emergency procedures prior to the event taking place.  Sufficient numbers of your staff should be present to supervise and respond to evacuation and/or emergencies should they occur during the event.


Workshops Involving Children

Pupils attending a workshop or event must be accompanied by an appropriate number of teachers/adults. This can be discussed prior to the event.

The behaviour of pupils attending the workshop or event is the responsibility of the accompanying teachers.



African Activities has public liability insurance policies with SSA, MU and Flatfish.  We can provide copies of policies if needed. We recommend that you check your insurance to ensure that it protects you during this contract.



Payment shall be upon invoice, within 14 days of delivery.

No one hasn't paid us and we like it that way!  If you don't pay us I guess we will find out the wonders of credit collection agencies but until then we are happier not knowing.



Cancellation of the contract must be made in writing (either by post or email).

No charges will be incurred as long as four weeks’ notice is given, before the event, for any cancellation.

Cancellations with less than four weeks’ notice will result in a fee of 50% to cover our preparation, administration and any other expenses accrued.

Cancellations in the week before the course will result in 80% of the full fee being payable.

If it is because you had a spot of bad luck we are likely to rearrange another time and only ask for the remaining % in return.


Intellectual Property Rights

We are teaching you largely traditional arts.  In Ghana these are dying out - our favourite thing is to return and show kids in Ghana video of British kids learning Ghanaian songs!!  Please teach what you have learnt to as many people as you can!  We would rather you didn't rip stuff from our website without booking or meeting us though!



We don't not deliver and hope not to but if events outside of our control such as accidents, illness and death (either of our employees or a family member of our employees) and loss of our equipment did occur we will not accept liability for any losses incurred. Of course where possible we would rearrange and come back to do it for free.