Welcome to African Activities, home of Keya Bobo an authentic African Street music band. We bring unique high energy interactive entertainment and offer the option of getting everyone involved. With Kora, balafon and drum options there should be something in our offer for everyone.

Give us a call on 023 8178 2720 and we will have a chat about what may be suit your event.  From the the passion of the drums to the relaxing hypnotic melodies of the kora we can suit your mood. The band mixes well with drum circles which can be held during the day of you festival.

What do we offer?


We will work with you to find the best option for your festival budget and for the ambiance you wish to create.

Our interactive drum and dance workshop elements are often used at weddings and special events where hosts wish for guests to mingle and get to know each other better. They create a feeling of unity and a memorable performance for your special day.

We offer a number of musical wedding band options including

  • a single Kora player, perfect for unobtrusive entertainment perhaps during dinner or to accompany a ceremony
  • Keya Bobo - a full drum band offering high energy song, drum and dance to get everyone jumping and celebrating
  • Batlafon orchestra - a beautiful chorus of wood xylophones


Interactive options to get everyone involved

  • Drums can be set at each table place enabling everyone to join in a rhythm to celebrate your event. This option can also be run separately to the main event as a break out activity. The rhythm can then be played with the band to create a rousing crescendo!  Drumming together creates unity, harmony and synchronisation. The perfect start to any marriage!
  • Our lead dancer will lead your guests on a quick tour of African dance. Large movements look spectacular but are easy to follow and will get everyone moving!


We will work to match your desire to your budget! Options are flexible and it is possible to mix and match performers and the audience participation elements.


What to expect?


African Activities has been running performances and workshops for weddings and special occasions in the UK for 15 Years.  We work with a highly experienced and trustworthy team who work hard with us to deliver your vision. Our artists are from the culture that they teach and as such offer a  truly uplifting cultural experience, not just drum beats! Your performers will be wearing national dress (not a costume!) and will lead a visual as well as musically exciting session!

How many participants?


As a rough rule of thumb we advise one practitioner for every 40 participants. Maximum group size is limited by the space you have available.  We are currently limited to 1500 drums, but can use body percussion and voice with larger groups.




Please go to the booking pages to see when we are available and get your free quote. Our office is open five days a week and would be delighted to have a quick chat to ensure we get the correct fit for your event.